Writing is a delicate process. May its genre be what it may, some common keys apply to all kinds of texts. Among those main keys we find grammatical, typographical and style correctness. 


The History of writing dates back to the origins of human History. Its importance was such, that it set a period, the transition from Prehistory to History. Since then, several revolutions have occurred: the evolution of alphabets, the invention of the printing press, the digital revolution, etc. 

These facts have changed the way in which we understand texts, their features, their typography, their structure, etc. As language professionals, we love our language and we take care of it as part of our cultural heritage. All texts are equally important for us and we are pleased to improve yours until they almost reach perfection.

A professional proofreader is someone, normally with high academic skills, who has also been trained in reading in a very particular way: detecting mistakes. A corrector’s reading is highly thorough and focuses on each and every letter, symbol, image, margin or page number and, even, on blank spaces. 

On another side, a professional proofreader knows where to find the correct spelling of some specific words, the appropriate use of capital letters or the need of highlighting some words with italics or bold characters, among many other things. Part of our job also consists of making the corresponding research when any issue is not clear.

Each and every task a corrector performs aims at enabling the text to transmit what the author intends to and that its comprehension is adequate. Many elements have influence on that, you may check the specific tasks we develop here