Journalistic documents

Journalism is known for its promptness. Journalists must run from one place to another and have the information ready as soon as possible. This normally involves orthotypographical mistakes and absence of checking of some words or expressions.


This is why a journalistic document should always be reviewed by a professional corrector.


Three main key tasks are undertaken:


— The cleaning gets rid of mispellings, typographic mistakes or any other element that hinders reading comprehension.


— The normalization corrects the mistakes according to the grammatical and orthographic rules that have been agreed on with the client.


— The unification is used where no specific rule exists or when several rules may be of application. This includes different typographic resources that are common in texts: bolds, italics, quotation marks, capital letters, etc. During proofreading, special care is devoted to the unification of the text.


Style manuals we normally work with:


  • Guidelines of style of El País
  • Guidelines of style of Fundéu


NOTE: any other system or guidelines you prefer shall be provided to us together with the document so it can be applied by our staff.


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