Layout consists of the design of a page, on deciding how the space of said page is used or occuppied with the texts, titles, images, graphics, etc., so that an equilibrium is kept both on the content side and the aesthetic side. Layout may range from the mere distribution of a curriculum vitae in a more original manner than plain MS Word text, to highly complex designs of some magazines or handbooks.


Each client has different needs. This is why, regarding layout assignments, we set an interview with the client in order to allow him/her to explain his/hers decisions and needs regarding the design of the document. Our work ranges from the mere execution of the client’s thoughts or ideas, to counselling on graphic design and its execution. We hand out our design of magazines and catalogues on standard digital formats ready to be sent to the printing press, personally or via web. We offer layout services for magazines, books, catalogues, brochures, etc. 


We usually work with InDesign and Quark. However, should your publication require any other kind of software, just contact us.