About us

Correcciones Santaella is a company made up of professionals specialized in language and text display, with wide academic background and experience in text-treatment, correction, writing and any other activity related to language


Our clients specialize in different kwnolegde areas; our speciality is language. When one of our clients entrusts us with the treatment and correction of a document, he/she does so under the understanding of how important the cleanliness of the text is regarding spelling and typography, and because he/she worries about the impression the text will make on its addressee.


As language specialists, we know that practically any human activity implies language and that achieving a successful communication depends highly on a good use of language. Unfortunately, in many occasions, misspelling or non-uniformal features confuse the addressee of the document and may lead to misunderstandings or to the failure of a commercial, academic, literary o merely communicative document.


We deal with all this things and we treat your documents in an absolutely professional and confidential manner, so that the outcome is excellent and free of mistakes.