Each kind of text has its particular needs, therefore not all the price rates are applicable to all the documents. Here you will find the rates that are applicable to texts that do not require specialized vocabulary or format. Should you require treatment of specialized texts, please ask here for a free of charge budget without obligation.


Orthotypographical correction (simple texts, with or without footnotes):


Orthotypographical correction: 1,20 euro / 1.000 matrices*



For specialized texts, please contact us here.

In order to check price rates on a word or page basis, please contact us here.


*Matrix: each character or blank space of a text, that is to say, any hit on the keyboard. MS Word provides this information when selecting “Word count” under "Tools" menu and selecting the option “characters with spaces”.

Style correction


Depending on the client or text and the required assistance.

Normally, from 0.03 € per word.



For simple texts, without footnotes: 1,4 € per page.


For layout of complex documents (tables, formulae, notes, bibliography, designs, images), please ask for a fee estimation.


Other services


For other services (such as composition or typographic and linguistic counselling, you may contact us and we will prepare a free budget without obligation). We will be pleased to assist you.