Legal texts

Providing legal services implies, in the vast majority of the cases, composing various kinds of documents. These are often read not only by the client, but also by some other people whose perception may determine the success or the failure of the proceedings or the operation (such as for instance judges, counterparties, press, etc.).


Two aspects are of utmost importance. Firstly, written documents must lack any spelling or grammar mistakes that may impoverish their quality and endanger the reputation of the lawyer. Secondly, the text must be composed with a unified and purified style (for example, with a uniform quoting system, homogenized highligting elements, etc.).


Although these elements are not left aside by the providers of legal services, sometimes they end up implying disproportionate economic and time expenses, since they are undertaken by lawyers themselves. However, the outsourcing of these services to correction professionals may involve not only great savings in terms of money and time, but also a quality guarantee. 


Correcciones Santaella offers a wide range of correction services and linguistic advice, with a high degree of specialization on legal documents: spelling and syntax correction, style correction, layout services, composition of texts, typographical and linguistic advice. All those services are provided with an absolute confidentiality commitment and delivery within the agreed date. 


If you wish so, we may provide a free-of-charge correction proof of some pages.


Orthotypographical and grammar correction

The cleaning gets rid of mispellings, typographic mistakes or any other element that hinders reading comprehension.


The normalization corrects the mistakes according to the grammatical and orthographic rules that have been agreed on with the client.


The unification is used where no specific rule exists or when several rules may be of application. This includes different typographic resources that are common in texts: bolds, italics, quotation marks, capital letters, etc. During proofreading, special care is devoted to the unification of the text.


We have deep knowledge of the use of legal lenguage and, upon request of our client, the corrections may be revised by our own legal counsel.


We apply any rules the clients provide us with.